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Author's Note: Once upon a time, in the summer of 1996, I fell in love with a beautiful animated film by the Disney Company, and had equal affection for the novel that inspired it: The Hunchback of Notre Dame. Since then I have been writing stories, borrowing characters and creating my own characters from that same inspiration. This would be the third time my stories have been moved, and only now I have reread all of them at once; I notice there are inconsistancies and too much modern lingo. However, despite their faults, I feel it would be ruinous to rewrite them all now; ideals have changed, situations are different, and the naivete` of the moods might be lost. And so, I present to you my series, in mostly original format, with only the absurdly inconsistent bits edited.
The other thing I need to note is that there are small threads of Fantasy running throughout most of my stories -- as in magic and spirits, that lot. I once tried to steer onto historical fiction, but I can't seem to manage it. I like Sword&Sorcery far too much. And so, my tales will never be a source of historical facts, and rarely even remotely normal incidents.

The Consequences of Taking a Walk at Night
The Gypsy King and his roguish young friend learn a few lessons about themselves when a strange girl drops in on them.
Chapter One
Chapter Two
Chapter Three
Chapter Four

The Tale of a Dream
Who is this man? Who?
Where did he come from? Where?
How did he become king of the Court of Miracles? And why would someone actually let him be in charge?!
*THWACK* Aww...
Find out here...

Chapter One: The Darkness
Chapter Two: A Star in the Darkness
Chapter Three: True Image
Chapter Four: One Heart for Another
Chapter Five: A New Life -- Together or Apart

The Tale of The Blond Gypsy
So what makes a fool? The fool or the fool who grew up under the guiding hand of the fool?
Chapter One: The Little Shadow
Chapter Two: Puppet See, Puppet Do
Chapter Three: The Tightrope Walker at the Feast of Fools
Chapter Four: The True King of Fools
Chapter Five: Balancing Act
Chapter Six: "Two Human Hearts Differently Made"

The Tale of the Gypsy Princess
A lost treasure is found, but a dear friend's trust is lost in return. Two enemies are vanquished -- or are they really, this time?
Chapter One: My Moon Song
Chapter Two: Moon And Star
Chapter Three: A Confused Jester
Chapter Four: Bait Fit For A King...
Chapter Five: ...Not Fit For A Princess
Chapter Six: Far From Sanctuary
Chapter Seven: Dreams And Nightmares Come True

Living in the Darkness
What shadows lurk in the hearts of men? A young girl and her mother soon find out.
Chapter One: A Song for the Moon
Chapter Two: A Scrap of Cloth, A Scarf, A Scar
Chapter Three: Fearless Song
Chapter Four: Free Spirits
Chapter Five: Dream Moon

The Tale of Day and Night
Make sure of who you are dealing with before you fall in love!
Chapter One: Sun and Moon
Chapter Two: The Mysterious 'Bard'
Chapter Three: Mysterious No Longer
Chapter Four: Two Plus Two Equals War
Chapter Five: Another 'One Heart For Another'

Interlude: The Moon Song's Guardian Raven
An old friend returns, a love is confused, a bard tries to reason with a mystic, and the princess has issues again.
Chapter One: The Raven's Return
Chapter Two: The Mystic & The Oracle
Chapter Three: Endings & Continuations

The Tale of the Circle
"It's the circle of life." Fool the Younger learns about "brother"ly hatred and marriage all in one fell swoop. Later, Fool the Elder gets a case of wanderlust, and finds more than he bargained for during his journey.
Chapter One: RiffRaff Ruffian
Chapter Two: Decisions, Decisions
Chapter Three: Deciding On One Thing, Not Knowing About The Other
Chapter Four: The Circle Is Complete Again
Chapter Five: The Return I
Chapter Six: The Lost Chapter (A.K.A. The Return II)


Ladies Man

At the End of the Test

No Way (I'm Taking That Test)

Phantom of the Opera, HoND Theatre Style

Those Who Have Borrowed Chars from TSC
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Sovereign Brigand

"The Tale of the Mouse"

The Hans Saga

Complementary Disclaimer: I am not an employee of the Disney Company, and I am in no way affliated with it or its employees. There are production stills posted here that were borrowed without permission. The characters of Clopin, Esmeralda, Quasimodo, Pheobus, and Frollo are currently "owned" by Disney. All other characters, their designs, and stories, and page design, are copyright 1996-2001 to me, and cannot be reproduced without permission, and I appreciate this being respected.
Most of the works posted here are fiction. It is all made up. If anything written here offends or goes against actual facts, remember I just made it up for the sake of a story, and I apologize now if it offends anyone.

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