No Way (I'm Taking That test)

By Shiri

(To the tune of "I Won't Say (I'm In Love)" from Disney's Hercules)

Student 1
If there's a prize for idiotic planning
My school's already won that
No test is worth the aggravation
But it's already planned -- study here, hate that!

Chorus Ensemble
Who'd'they think they're kiddin'?
It's hell and torture to us
Try to keep our grades up
Honey, they're gonna kill me and you
Gang, you can't deny it
They know how we feel and
What we're thinking of--

No chance, no way
I won't take it, no, no

Chorus Ensemble
We revolt, we cry
They deny it, uh-oh!

Student 2
It's too tricky
No way I'm takin' that test

Student 3
I thought I had learned a lesson
You study well when you start out
My head is screaming "get some caffeine, girl!
Unless you want to fail every single test!"

Chorus Ensemble (about teachers)
They keep on denying
Our protests and how we're dying
Hey, we want our freedom!
Hon, you better get the books out
Face it like a prisoner
Cuz this is gonna be your

No chance, no way
I won't take it, no, no

Give up! Give in!
Check the date it's the test!

Student 1
This test, I won't take
No way I'm takin it!

Chorus Ensemble
You can't resist
Read their lips (pointing to teachers)
You have to--

Student 2
No way on the face
Of this planet
Get off my case!
I won't take it

You have no choice
It's too late, you're in class

Student 3 (mournfully)
At least I tried
No avoid it.

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