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"Well, well, well. . .
What have we here?"

Ah, my friend, it seems you have come upon
Clopin's Gypsy Band!

This is Clopin's Gypsy band, a group of fans for the gypsy puppeteer of Disney's Hunchback of Notre Dame. Here is where we gather to share all our tales of the "King of the Gypsies".

Maintainer's Note: As of 3/28/08, all non-working URLs have been removed. If you had a link on your name, please let me know the new URL!

The first group you see are the female admirers, the Members of Clopin's Harem: Have you heard of the "Parallel Universe" theory? Well, that is the way Clopin can have so many lady friends and not have to choose favorites! :)

small star Shiri CHM #1 Samira, the Stargazer
Sue CHM #2 Manon
Karen CHM #3 Therese
Alikhat CHM #4
Karen L. CHM #5 Huguette, the Baker's Wife
Jennifer B. CHM #6 Zelda
JennyR. CHM #7 Rosa the Stage Performer
Laurie CHM #8 Carmenita, puppeteer in training
Cara CHM #9 Zahara, dancer, who really likes Phoebus
Nicole CHM #10 Mirage, the artist.
Belle CHM #11
S.B. CHM #12 Sovereign Brigand
Sarah CHM #13
Mariana CHM #14 Isabel
Allison M CHM #15
Jennat CHM #16 Elisabetta, a dancer and a singer
Serena CHM #17 Serinae
Sara CHM #18
Dorraine CHM #19 Rai, singer, dancer, story-weaver, temptress
Rayne CHM #20 S.B.'s sister, the Story Girl
Lowri CHM #21, the Celt
Okami-chan CHM #22, thief and violinist
Melissa CHM #23 Clopin's BEST friend, artist and his assistant puppeteer
Crystal CHM #24 Tereina the gypsy dancer
Abbi CHM #25 Irea
Melodie CHM #26 Kat
Jessica CHM #27 Fantine, acrobat and user of ancient magick
Wendy CHM #28 Jacqi-Emerald, story teller, singer, dancer, trouble maker
Jenny R. CHM #29 gypsy dancer
Candy CHM #30 Candy Deurbota, loner, dancer
Megan CHM #31 Mirette the seamstress
B. CHM #32 Sapphire, singer, troublemaker and traveler
Ariel P. CHM #33, magician, trickster and all round nice gal
Vickie CHM #34 Valshea
Sha'uri CHM #35
Alana CHM #36
Ariel C. CHM #37 Isabella-hypnotist, snake charmer and master con artist
Amber R. CHM #38 Elbereth
Callisto CHM #39
Melissa T. CHM #40
Angela K. CHM #41 Claire de Lune
Melissa I. CHM #42
Felina CHM #43, a champion equestrian
Kate S. CHM #44, sketcher and actress
Barbrett CHM #45 Kiwi, Generally just frolics around with her BEST friend Clopin!
Erin A. CHM #46 Naryscha Romaíne, Gypsy Jokester
Susan M. CHM #47 Coquirie, herbalist, midwife, potion-brewer, lutist and player of Strip Tarot
Allison H. CHM #48 Wylla
Leslie CHM #49 Kalindra
Debbie W. CHM #50 Deby, the psuedo HT queen, tarot reading in the hotsprings, looks out for falcons
Liz V. CHM #52 Lyssya, a bard
Alexandra R. CHM #53
Nastasha CHM #54 a singer, practitioner of magic and acrobat
Maria G. CHM #55 Gyspsy Dancer
Delphine CHM #56, dreamer, trickster, and Clopin's loyalest (and favorite) apprentice
Suzie B. CHM #57 Sari, a world-traveling street musician
Yakkette CHM #58 Hotaru, the charming trickster/con artist
Missu J. CHM #59 Jhrinti, the wandering minstrel/pickpocket
Jen W. CHM #60 Kabuki
Emily J. CHM#61 Aria, singer, harpist and herbalist
LunaMarie CHM #62, thief, dancer, and trumpet player
Kate CHM #63 Jade, horseback rider, karate expert and when funds get low, pickpocket.
Erin CHM #64, a gypsy and Clopin lover
Meghan P. CHM #65 Raven, performer, storyteller, and thief
Jade CHM #66
Steph CHM #67 Musician, trickster, & thief
Renee CHM #68
Ashley CHM #69 Imerald, dancer and a thief
Dawn P. CHM #70
Bellamarina CHM #71
Erin G. CHM #72 Ariana, a skilled poet and tarot reader
Tina C. CHM #73
Isabelle B CHM #74
Alixandra CHM #75
Sacha CHM #76
Katia CHM #77 Aba'ya
Katie D. CHM #78 Trinity, warrior, storyteller and master of the art of mischief
Alissa CHM #79 Zephra, the entertainer
Alexandra CHM #80
Seana H. CHM #81
Jerry L. CHM #82
Katja R. CHM #83 Eloya, a painter
Christy CHM #84
Filippa CHM #85 expert horsewoman, archer, and seductress
Carol R. CHM #86 Alima, dancer, singer, flautist.
Caroline H. CHM #87 Aurora, actress, dancer, magic user, and Secret Admirer to Clopin
Kate T. CHM #88 Maria, beautiful gypsy dancing queen
Julie M. CHM #89 Sally, day dreamer and musical entertainer
Maaike B. CHM #90 a singer
Arica H. CHM #91 Artist, singer, plays the mandolin. Nothing special
Jessica H. CHM #92 Duchess, a singer and daring dancer
Courtney K. CHM #93 Morning Star, quick-sketch artist and troublemaker
Joy F. CHM #94 Marcelle, street urchin who has caught Clopin's heart
Wendy K. CHM #95 Celia, star-gazer, poet, artist
Delilah R. CHM #96, melodramatic young sarcastic actress madly in love with Clopin
Kahla B. CHM #97 Belldandy, sings, dances, puppeteer, hyper, loves Clopin
Sarah G. CHM #98 Magae, sassy storyteller loved and respected by all
Kitanna S. CHM #99 a real Russian Gypsy, dancer, star-gazer, singer, Clopin lover
Amanda B. CHM #100 Whisper, spy, clown, cook, writer
Mica W. CHM #101 time-traveler, and magick practitioner
Stephanie S. CHM #102 Sunyata, artist and mysterious girl seen in his dreams
Sarah H. CHM #103 Garak, musician
Robyn P. CHM #104
Christine R. CHM #105 Faye Gascoyne, stage performer, comdienne, musician, cheeky girl
Janelle K. CHM #106
Lacy R. CHM #107 Emelia, tall beautiful red-headed magician
Lisa B. CHM #108 Terenty, actress, dreamer, dancer, and of course palm reader
Cat S. CHM #109 Merlyn, bard, Irish dancer, singer, tin whistle player
Genipher K. CHM #110 Annaliese Wassic, time travelling, ren-faire loving, swordswoman extrodinaire
Elise A. CHM #111 Herlikin-Elise
Samantha S. CHM #112 Skye Purete, gypsy singer/dancer and magician
Petra L. CHM #113 "BellsND", Singer, artist, gypsy and stage-lover.
Scarlett L. CHM #114 Scarlett, dancer and protector
Jennifer P. CHM #115 Starla, Dancer (taught by Esmeralda), plays flute, and also does storytelling
Bernadette L. CHM #116 Emerald, gypsy, dancer and healer
Alexandra B CHM #117 Alexandra de Rosette - singer, actress, dancer, storyteller, poet
Loren H. CHM #118 Noomssim, Goddess of The Moon & Seductive Thief in the Shadows
Spet C. CHM #119 Antoinette/Sarabeth, fortune teller, singer, acrobat, flute player
Sara O. CHM #120 Crystol, disapearence and dancing
Jennifer B. CHM #121 Clarabella, beautiful, lonely, can sing, dance and write
Serendipity H. CHM #122 Noisette, firey temper, thinks Clopin's a shallow and egotistical pig. But cute.
Peggy K. CHM #123 Josephine, poet, storyteller, daydreamer
Sara B. CHM #124 Ravenessa de Marquis, a singer, painter, and talented con-artist
Amber CHM #125 Jade, a dancer, illusionist, stage performer, and a fighter
Keely A. CHM #126 Paulette, singer, entertainer, fun to be with, and good friends with Clopin

Clopin's Admirers the group for those who can't make up their mind which group to be in, or don't want to be a member of a harem...

Jennifer R. CA #1
Rachel L. CA #2
Calandra CA #3
Jeni R. CA #4, juggler, muscian, and teller of tales.
Dana R. CA #5
Renee D. CA #6 singer of songs and actress of comedies.
Valentine P. CA #7 Xayide, actress gypsy and first of Clopin's assistants
Cinna CA #8 mute, outcast, sneak and artist
Mary B. CA #9 "Dancing Peanut," Village Idiot
AdŽle H. CA #10 Erin, a singing and fluteplaying girl
Audrey B. CA #11
Jess C. CA #12
Isabella S. CA #13
Misty C. CA #14 Killian of the Iles, soldier and sea captian
Shen CA #15 Jo Ann, actress, dancer, great fighter, muse, sneaky thief
Kelly C. CA #16 Lackar Talis, an artist and a preformer
Wendy M. CA #17 Y'Dnew, artist, storyteller, keeper of all Disney knowledge
Angela D. CA #18 Cosette (nickname "Cay"), High Soprano and artist with a dark secret!!
Ethel G. CA #19 Marie Dolors, Former nun (but still Christian), herbseller, Clopin's faithful handmaiden
Megan T. CA #20 Keana Tabe, singer, bard
Becky W. CA #21 Adele, drifter, "philosopher", herbalist, alchemist, fire-breather/-eater, knife-thrower
Kelly O. CA #22 Alemeda, 18 year old lyrical dancer, singer of poetic ballads, and forever Quasi's
LauraS. CA #23 15-year old sneak, puppeteer, pickpocket, and vagabond
Ginger B. CA #24 Ginger, thief, juggler, and vocalist
Renee B. CA #25 Keskelome, singer, thief,Êand dancer

The second group, more for admiring Clopin's leadership, is Clopin's Secret Brigade

Rex CSB #1 FDC Clopin
Josh K. CSB #2
J.F. CSB #3 Jehan, tight-rope walker aka "The Noble Fool"
Brandon CSB #4 Aces, the magician
Jera CSB #5 rune caster
P.V. CSB #6 Partisan Vice
J.C. CSB #7 Jake Clawson, a very accomplished warrior
Timothy CSB #8 Velsruvis
John T. CSB #9 Peregrine -- Pippin for short; a bard and jack-of-all-trades
Donovan E CSB #10, the enchanter
Jen V. CSB #11 Maeve
Angie CSB #12 Caressa, QSG!
Christine G. CSB #13 Zora, singer, surviver and Clopin's loyalist friend
Eppie T. CSB #14 Cira
Michelle B CSB #15 Mirana, or Mira for short, Lady of Fire & Magic, Artist, and most importantly, Dreamer
Stella CSB #16, wizard and scribe
Meeks CSB #17
Julie CSB #18
Katy CSB #19 Neferella, singer
Solomon CSB #20, an artist and minstrel
Norm B. CSB #21 Zero, the Contortionist
Alicia R. CSB #22 Estella the Clever, singer, dancer and occational story-teller
Vu Le CSB #23 Aladdin
Patricia CSB #24 Jadzia, a gypsy spy
Sadira CSB #25
Suzzanne P. CSB #26
Owen CSB #27 Echade, your basic gifted gypsy that has some control over the elements
Aireen CSB #28
Mike C. CSB #29 Mr Jester
Dana R. CSB #30
Emily H CSB #31
Ralph V. CSB #32 a Disneyland Clopin!
Emma E. CSB #33 Bellatrix, a thief, spy and a cardmagician
Jared M. CSB #34 Etienne, piccolo player, excellent pickpocket, and dancing is his favorite thing to do
Magaret J. CSB #35 Elise, Etienne's twin sister (everything the same except plays the drum)
Michael B. CSB #36 Clopin in Disneyland's FOF!!
Lisa CSB #37 Cynara, the wanderer and singer
Shawna S. CSB #38 BeiLana, storyweaver, performer, apprentice dancer
Heather B CSB #39 Lupin, clever and cunning expert thief, master of disguise
Malaiya J. CSB #40
Angela S. CSB #41 Gabrielle A. R., mostly sings but will dance at times, master pic-pocket
Phoebe K. CSB #42 Chryse, bandit, highway-robber, trickster, bull-leaper
Fontine W. CSB #43 Lita WolfSong, writer, artist, poet
LW CSB #44 Maata, tarot card reader, dancer, illusionist
Andy N. CSB #45 Bernardo the Illusionist, trickster, street performer, magician
Jennifer H. CSB #46 Virginie, called "la demente", has fits of madness, loves Quasi
T. A. CSB #47 Teneve Roman, Naryscha's Brother, a nice guy
Jess D. CSB #48 Bala, storyteller and thief
Jennifer C. CSB #49 Gypsycat, cat who's a gypsy pet to clopin!
Troy H. CSB #50 Quincey, excellent spy, brave, trustworthy, obediant
Alanna D. CSB #51 Moira Rose, shady Irish vagabond, suppressed clairvoyant
Kulara T. CSB #52 Pick pocketer and keeper of the confetti cannons
Megan W. CSB #53 Marona, street artist--works sporadically in an art store for supplies
Kevin H. CSB #54 UltravioletLight
Kristina C. CSB #55 Grainne Liatran, juggeler, acrobat, always enjoys a good laugh
Theresa O. CSB #56 Columbine
Sorsha T. CSB #57 Med-jai, a palm reader.
Gayle G. CSB #58 Isis, mystic, can read minds, loves cats
LaDonna L. CSB #59 Lacy, artist, singer, trickster, and writer
Jazmin CSB #60 dancer and lover of music
Ashlee R. CSB #61 Raven, acrobat, dancer, and singer

Honorary/Honored Members (Chosen by the maintainer for the deeds she deems worthy)
Rayven DreamWalker who doesn't belong in a harem or brigade :)
Rex, maintainer of La Page de Clopin
Larissa, maintainer of Clopin's Tribe
Sue and Harley, maintainers of the Clopin Fanfic
Sara, maintainer of the Hunchback of Notre Dame webring
Irene, High Priestess of the Church of Clopin (east)
"Judge C" maintainer of The FrolloZone
Therese - defender of the forums!! And owner of the best tavern in Paris, the Goose And Grapes/Chez Therese :)
Lyssya - Savior of drawings!!
Tereina - Savior of pics!!
Azar, missing bard of the Court of Miracles...
CK - Puppet!! (also gone unaccounted for...)

More info on Clopin here:
La Page de Clopin*
*Is where the Clopin images were borrowed from. :)

We always welcome new members, and you will be added as soon as possible after you send an email with the following information:
Your first name and last initial.
Your character name.
Your character's talents.
Which division of CGB you would like to be listed under (Clopin's Harem, Clopin's Admirers, Clopin's Secret Brigade).
Any other comments you would like to include.

Updated 3/28/08

Well, don't just sit there! Get over to Clopin's Tribe! You can't call yourself a fan of Clopin without joining both clubs! It shows how dedicated to Clopin you are! :) Clopin's Tribe is no longer being maintained, link kept for posterity.

Special thanks to all of those who inspired the creation of this page, and to CHM's #2 and #3 for the group titles!

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Complementary Disclaimer: The characters of Clopin, Puppet, Esmeralda, Quasimodo, Pheobus, and Frollo are currently "owned" by Disney. All other characters, their designs, and stories are copyright ©1996-2008 to their respective authors, and cannot be reproduced without permission, and I appreciate this being respected.