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The Cast

The defining of Clopin lead to the creation of people to interact with him:

Samira (sah-MEER-rah)
His true love, the loss of which caused him to have semi-fractured emotions, and interesting mood swings. (can we say, "Guilt Trip"?)

Jehan (JEH-han)
Inspired by the novel's character by the same name, the Blond Gypsy was at first still Frollo's brother as in the book, but after some sequel rumors (and clashes with other fanfic writers *self-directed grimace*), I rewrote Jehan's history and made him a bit more original; I liked the first name too much to change it, and he kept the blond hair and ego, and I'm sure inconsistencies still exist -- but no one's perfect, after all.

Jehan is Clopin's best friend and confidant, a son and brother figure at various times, sometimes causing a conflict as well; but in spite of everything, he is one of the people Clopin trusts most.

Melisande (mel-eh-SOND)
A love interest for Jehan, she is the character modeled the most after myself -- err, well, my main side, that is -- down to the bad knees. Shy, but a temper underneath.

To Clopin, she is the one to ruin the friendship of two buddies; in time she is accepted as another outcast-to-society made family.

Another name from the novel, but a far cry from the character it is borrowed from. Paquette basically runs the "Court orphanage", taking in stray children as her own, and generally being mother to everyone, most notably raising the Blond Gypsy better than her own birth son.

The only member of Paquette's collection that she actually gave birth to. He was growing up the same time as Jehan, and came to resent the attention his mama gave to the Outsider-child.

Andry (ON-drey)
A non-gypsy scoundrel living in the Court, who does not care for Clopin's rule, and doesn't mind showing it, either...

Corgee (CORE-gee)
A strange gypsy woman who claims to be jester to kingly Clopin, also not hiding the fact that she is "in love" with him. She doesn't mind harrassing Jehan on the side, as well, oblivious of Melisande...

A snobbish cousin of the good Judge Claude Frollo who happens to attend the Festival of Fools.

Shiriluna (SHEER-ree-LU-na)
Another person responsible for Clopin's mental state, this time turning him toward paternal anxiety attacks.

Teague-Raviv (teag-RA-veev)
Love interest for Shiriluna, and, at first, not the type you bring home to meet dad.

Dovev (DOVE-ev)
One of Jehan's close friends.

Imena (i-MEEN-ah)
Dovev's love interest.

Phineas (FIN-E-is)
A Court bard who has a past with a certain wandering mystic...


A "friend" of Clopin's from his teenage days, who reveals the secret that sends Clopin on a fateful journey, and, ultimately, makes him who he is today (that is, if today was sometime in 1489).

Samira's father, gadjo.

Illya (ill-EE-ya)
A boy Shirilune meets during her wanderings who seems unusual in his own right...


Aubrey (AW-bree)
He changes the lives of two people forever.

Silvana (sil-VAH-nah)
She changes the lives of three people forever.


Basir, Damek, Dmitri --- Teenage Clopin's friends.

Emiline, Alycia --- Twins adopted by Paquette, heirs to the "orphanage".

Petre, Damia --- Illya's parents.

Adriel --- Clopin's father.

Franchesa --- recurring "Random Gypsy Girl".

Robin --- the lucky "understudy" tightrope walker who attended the FoF in HoND.

Last, but certainly not least:

Rayven DreamWalker
(A character created by The Starchild, aka Reya Cil, appearing here with the author's permission).

A good friend of Clopin, she is true to sense of the word 'gypsy', never in one place very long, but returns occasionally to pronounce mysticcy things and follow storms.

Other guests:

Huguette and Crispin borrowed with permission (from The Tale of Huguette)

Coquirie borrowed with permission (from here and here).

Virginie and Kocho of Mizhak Binak fame. (also borrowed with permission)

(And if I've missed anyone, the author can thwack me over the head to remind me. ;-) )

Complementary Disclaimer: I am not an employee of the Disney Company, and I am in no way affliated with it or its employees. There are production stills posted here that were borrowed without permission. The characters of Clopin, Esmeralda, Quasimodo, Pheobus, and Frollo are currently "owned" by Disney. All other characters, their designs, and stories, and page design, are copyright 1996-2001 to me, and cannot be reproduced without permission, and I appreciate this being respected.
Most of the works posted here are fiction. It is all made up. If anything written here offends or goes against actual facts, remember I just made it up for the sake of a story, and I apologize now if it offends anyone.